6 Interesting Facts Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder

Fakta unik / 22 September, 2019

6 Interesting Facts Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder

6 Interesting Facts Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder

Speaking of the richest people in the world, KWITANGKOST maybe Jeff Bezos wont get too much attention from people. Yes, the majority are more at ease with Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. In fact, this figure is also extraordinary and very rich. If you dont know, he is an Amazon. com voter and number 5 richest man with a keseluruhan of$ 45. 2 billion. 603, 691, 669, 068, 895, please count yourself.

Of course, Besoz does not work, can get that much wealth. He made a great effort. About education, Jeff graduated from Priceton University, one of the best tertiary institutions in the land of Uncle Sam. From here he then embarked on a journey to become one of the richest people on earth.

More about Jeff Bezos, here are some facts about him that will amaze you.

1. The story of a box bed

6 Interesting Facts Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder In the book” From Garage Jeff Bezos Founding amazon. com, written by Bernard Ryand, Jr., is told about the amazon bosss childhood. Jeff is the son of Mike and Jackie Bezos. As a child, Jeff had shown his intelligence. His mother told me, when Jeff was little, had asked for his bed instead of box shape. At that time Jeff was around 3 years old. But his mother still gave Jeff a box- shaped bed. It turns out later his mother found Jeff unpacking himself the box that became the bed. Jeffs bed became an ordinary bed, as he had asked.

2. The story is lifted from the bench

When he started school, little Jeff was known as a student World Health Organization focused on what he was doing. Every instruksi of his teacher, always done seriously. Even so serious, Jeff did not move from his desk. It is said, the teacher had to lift Jeff along with his chair to do other things. At that time Jeffe was seriously doing something.

3. The story of the permainan Navy Seal

Jeffs family apparently has a unique habit that is the permainan they call the Navy Seal Mission. It was said that a time, a suparmarket arrived by several buyers World Health Organization were acting strangely. The buyer came together out of a car. They brought walkie talkies. One individu, standing guard at the door. One other individu moved to get the milk box, and another individu, immediately took the milk box to be paid at the cashier. After that they immediately rushed back in the car waiting for him outside.

Turns out its Jeffs extended family. Watching the supermarket door was Jeffs father, Mike Bezos. While the standby waiting in the car was none other than Jeffs mother, Jackie. And the two people World Health Organization entered the supermarket were Jeff himself and his brother, Mark. The permainan in the gaya of Navy Seals operation is very popular with the big Bezos family. And so its a permainan when you want to buy something at the supermarket.

4. Unique name

The full name of the founder of Amazon itself is Jeffrey Preston Bezos. Jeff was born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. The name Bezos itself comes from the word besos, Spanish. It means kiss. Hmm, a rather unique and unusual name.

5. Adopted child

Turns out Jeff wasnt Mikes biological son. At the age of ten, Jeff was told by his father, Mike that he was not his biological child. But Jeff said, that is a beautiful truth. He never questioned. The fact that he was an adopted child did not make Jeff sad or sad. Instead he was proud to have a father like Mike.

6. Interesting facts about Jeff Bezoss father

Mike Bezos is a Cuban native. Mike is one of 14, 000 Cuban children brought to the United States through an operation called Pedro Pan. This operation lasted from 1960 to 1962. This was a rescue mission conducted by the Americans. At that time the relationship between Cuba and Uncle Sam was heating up. While working at the Albuquerque bank, Mika met with Jackie Gise. In 1968 they married. Jeff has two stepsisters, Christina and Mark Bezos.

Unlike many rich people in the world World Health Organization experienced bad childhoods, Besoz has the opposite. Amazon Although he had to find bitterness at the age of 10 years when his father said that Jeff was not flesh and blood, but the prospective little billionaire was actually legowo 6 Interesting Facts Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder and even impressed with his father. Departing from an extraordinary childhood, finally Jeff was able to become a figure World Health Organization did not play in his adult life.